Who wants to hear Einstein do Karaoke?

Who wants to hear Einstein do Karaoke?

Xpression Camera is a crazy product - basically think of it as animoji, but for anything and anyone on Zoom.

Maybe historoji? Or something like that?

Essentially, with this feature, you’ll be able to take any photo or historical figure, and you will be able to mimic anybody

It used to be that remote access and tools were supplemental to this “Real life” that we have. However, with the pandemic, the lines between remote and real life have become very blurred. Now, for many millions around the world, Remote is a part of Real life.

With that, the audience is now demanding a higher standard in terms of the tools and services provided for remote access. Currently, the major provider of remote access, which is video from one person to another, is Zoom. In many ways, Zoom is the highway through which we are now accessing each other.

With this, there are now more needs and asks that each customer has. In addition, there are higher standards that customers have. Just having HD video, with low latency is not enough. People are spending more time online, and they want to spice up the online world. In addition, they are looking to identify different use cases that will make using remote tools exciting and fun.

In addition, Remote is very boring. You only really see someone’s face, and you are missing a lot of context and communication that comes with being in person. It’s not a very engaging experience, and you lose a lot of messaging that comes with body language, clear facial expressions and tonality. “Zoom Fatigue” is a real thing - and it comes largely from this one dimensional remote communication experience.

So how does XpressionCamera do this? They give an opportunity for consumers to impersonate others. It provides advanced technology to give yourself a virtual makeover, and impersonate all kinds of unique faces and historical figures.

This is not a new idea. Countless companies and developers have provided and built features and products that offer similar products. On Apple, you have Animoji and all sorts of different features. However, Xpression wants to differentiate themselves via their quality and tech performance.

This type of product is usually a really difficult technical problem to solve. Other applications of this are very buggy and don’t necessarily work well. This can make it a subpar experience and not something that will have a viral effect.

Instead, Xpression does this in a way that is easy and seamless. Because it's easy and seamless, people are more likely to use it. This is a key aspect of virality. Without easy adoption, and easy handling, people are not likely to give others the recommendation to use it, nor will people be likely to use it. In addition, when it is done simple and easy, the type of audience that can use this is much larger. Low tech people are able to adopt it, they don’t appreciate the technical need

The initial target market is likely quite small. It’s likely tech savvy individuals who want to explore with filters and images on zoom. People who are interested in unique products . People who want to try out different products and issues. Essentially, the type of person who wants to try out unique products and services.

There are two main types of users that I imagine will likely adopt this. First, I imagine University students are very likely to take this up. Very similar to snapchat, this type of product can be interpreted the same as filters for Snapchat. In addition, University students have an inherent curiosity in trying out new ideas, and have a very low barrier to share things among themselves, which will increase the virality.

Second, I imagine young millennials are very likely to take this up. They spend a lot of time on zoom, and most of their social life is there. This offers new possible ways to spend time with each other. They need a way to spice up zoom, and make it easier and more interesting to spend time with each other.

Would I use it? Probably not. Zoom is mainly used for work for me. My social life isn’t really on zoom. Looking at my own social life, I find that I spend most of my social life through texting and phone calls, rather than video. In addition, I also think it’s more of a one-trick pony for me (unless I can think of alternative uses that would be applicable for my life).

On the other hand, I find that this can be a great product when narrowed down to specific niches. Some interesting applications include:

  1. Education

Imagine lectures from historical figures

  1. Entertainment or concert?

Imagine concerts from dead or retired singers

  1. Virtual Karaoke type?

Imagine not just singing the lyrics, but looking like someone as well

Overall - I believe this is a great product, and definitely worth checking out!