5 different ways the historical ad greats made their millions.

5 different ways the historical ad greats made their millions.

The great late Gary Halbert had a number of seminars where he taught direct mail response marketing. Don't be fooled by the antiquated nature of the seminar. These principles still ring true today.

The core message is simply. In self publishing, you need to ask the right question. It's not who is going to publish the books. It's not who is going to fulfill the order These are problems that have already been solved.

The real question is how to sell the product in a cost effective process.

Answering this question is the way to make the kind of money you need to retire for the rest of your life in Florida.

But most people don't ask those questions. Most people worry too much about the superfluous details that don't really matter as as well.

There really are only two important problems to focus on:

What are you going to sell?

How are you going to communicate it to customers?

Focusing on these two questions will help align your effort to ensure that you are going down the right path.

The following are some great pieces of knowledge that are related to this.

Don't break down the trees, go down the hobo trail

First of all - you need to sell something better than what is already doing well.

Don't try to cut the trees down. Go down a path that has already been worn down.

In this situation, you do much better by looking around and seeing what is already performing really well. Once you see what's performing well, see what's happening and break it down and make it 10x better.

This is because you need to ultimately follow the no. 1 rule of selling: Make sure you sell to a hungry audience.

And since you are focusing on a product that is already selling, then you are already performing.

In other words, don't sell them what they need. Sell them what they want.

Where do you find this? That's actually the easy part:

It's all around you. Look at the TV ads you're seeing, the Amazon best sellers, etc.

Become a student of the markets.

Don't announce your arrival - make your presence a mystery

Okay - now you know what you'd like to sell. Now comes the fun part.

You need to understand the rules of how to position things so people are interested in purchasing your product.

Start at the top of the funnel. When selling direct mail, the challenge was trying to get consumers to not immediately throw away the letters.

One way direct response markets tried to get around this was to attach messages at the front of the letter.

However this never works. Just like seduction, you need to ensure that you are leaving space for people to imagine what's inside. And the best way to do this is to make the letter as personal as possible.

Tease the contents of whatever it is you are selling.

For modern day products, make the facebook ads look very personal and unique, and not like like a product.

Be your best reviewer and supporter

If it looks like an ad - no ones going to read it.

If it looks like an authentic review or endorsement from someone random - some might open and read it.

If it looks like an authentic review or endorsement from your best friend - many more will open and read it.

Touch on the things that people care about

Here are the words that you need to mention:

  • Reveal
  • Profit
  • Revenue
  • Secrets of
  • The arts of
  • An amazing to
  • Exclusivity

People buy what they really want to buy. And these things don't change. The same things that used to sell hundreds of millions of copies in the early 1900s, it is still happening today.

If you're a newsletter, keep these things in mind

It's one of the hardest businesses because you are satisfying a very different kind of consumer.

For most info products, it's a one and done relationship. You sell a book, and the transaction is done. Maybe you sell them additional books. And primarily, the consumers are mainly interested in receiving some form of information in one session.

However, with newsletters, the consumers are much pickier because they are looking to build a relationship in terms of education. They are also have much higher standards given they are intending to invest more time, money and effort.

Here is how they succeed. Writers take a stance. If they don't offend people, you will not have a renewals. You need to be honest, and speak with your voice. Make sure you are a stone flat out expert in it. Put your personality into it.

Multiple ways of selling, including:

1) Giving a free product is something of value - the premium will give them a reason to try.

2) Making sure that they are staying with you through and through, by ensuring that you are setting the right expectations.

3) Satisfy the customer, astonish them and give them so much more than what they expect. And this will pay so much more.