Get paid to walk every day

Get paid to walk every day

Hero trainer offers rewards for every step that you take. What this means is that as you walk and go about your day, you will find that you will begin accumulating rewards. These rewards can be redeemed for mainly games. As an app, the program is completely free for users, and these points can be redeemed for many of the top games currently in circulation.

Generally, gamers are not known to exercise often. The core aspect of gaming means that typical gamers are spending large amounts of time indoors, likely in rooms that are dimmed or dark in order to view the screen. This doesn’t mean that gamers don’t want to exercise – it’s that generally, there aren’t many opportunities to do so.

Here are the main business assumptions. This product can drive success by motivating gamers to move. Gamers are generally motivated by playing new games. However, new games are often expensive, and therefore, people are motivated to find ways to reduce the price of the product as much as possible. This means that a product like this can be generally very lucrative.

Finally, there are additional services that this product offers. First, it offers levels. The goal here is to provide a gamification system, where more walking can lead to higher levels. The assumption here is that users will respect this levelling, similar to how levelling works in games. In addition, there are enhanced chat functions between individuals in the app. This gives individuals an ability to talk to each other, another major component in gaming, which is highly social given in-game chat.

Now that we’ve gone through a lot of the good things that may work for this product, let’s think through why this product may not work. First, let’s consider the value this product has. For most gamers, they have a very high standard when it comes to tech tools and apps, and there is no point of participating or maintaining the usage of an app if it is clunky or not designed well. Second, if the usability of the app is not great, then individuals are less likely to keep the product. Finally, the more intrusive it gets, the less it becomes useful.

Given the product is free, how do they make money? Well, the two main primary methods of earning money are advertising and affiliate marketing. What this means is that they sell to companies and products interested in marketing to their target market. The target market that they have is fairly unique, given the very high emphasis on the gaming rewards. Therefore, products and services are likely to offer access to advertisers to this target market for money. Given the long livelihood of the product, along with the time spent in the app through chatting or levelling up, there are many instances where the ads can be placed. Finally, the money the earn from the advertisers can be arbitraged in return for the rewards they provide to users.

There are other companies that offer rewards for exercise, but this one is focused on games. The theme and the design is definitely focused on gameplay. In addition, the features they provide such as chat and levelling up are specifically driven from and focused on gaming individuals.

The target market is likely other gamers and likeminded people. If I was an individual that didn’t care about games, then this app would not likely be useful. In addition, this is likely going to be for individuals who are motivated to get fit, and willing to put the effort in. Finally, this will likely be more appreciated by individuals who don’t want to spend money for games or want to save money ahead of games.

The typical user is likely in their late teens, early 20s. They don’t have a lot of disposable income, so an opportunity like this seems very interesting. They’re looking to spend more effort on their physical health and to live a healthy lifestyle. While they do have an apple watch, and monitor their health, they don’t necessarily spend a lot of time one it. Finally, they want to buy more games, but don’t necessarily want to spend more time on it.

Would I use this?

Personally, no – I don’t play video games. In addition, I always have a deep-seated skepticism whenever I see a product like this, mainly because when I think of something like this, I don’t see what the service truly is. The problem here is that it looks like they are arbitraging the dollars from advertising into