About Midnight Brief

The reasoning for midnight brief comes from two main ideas


Like most people, the stuff I write about in this page is stuff that I usually have to do outside my day job. Often, as a result of my work, it drags on into the evening and into the night.

If I ever work on something past midnight, then I know it's something super interesting. Either it's:

  1. An interesting documentary
  2. An interesting book
  3. An interesting movie


My whole life, I've tried to be really complicated and into the weeds in my work.

What I've decided to do instead, is to focus on simplicity.

My goal for this will be to keep this brief; and keep it simple.

By brief I don't necessarily mean short. What I mean is I will take the straightest line to the conclusion.

No meandering intros, no needless detours. Only going straight to the end goal.